Broken bodies, broken minds, and broken hearts are, in today’s world, becoming normal for so many people. Their lives have been shattered into a million pieces through life events that many can’t imagine. 

Where do you turn when you are broken, shattered, hopeless, and helpless? The answer, MASTER’S PEACE CLINIC OF HOPE. MPCOH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit free healthcare clinic in Salem, Missouri. It is our belief that all individuals, even those without insurance, deserve the right to excellent healthcare. We are focused on providing services to and being an advocate for the working poor and those that are uninsured. We primarily service patients located in Dent and surrounding counties in Southeastern Missouri. At MPCOH we believe that God can heal and change any circumstance if you will only allow Him to have all of your broken pieces. Visit us and learn how to take those broken pieces, pick them up, and create a MASTERPIECE to be able to move on and find Joy, Happiness, Laughter, and HOPE!



  • Free Health Care
  • Free Dental Care
  • Free Vision Exams
  • Free Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
  • Free Counseling
  • Free Life Skills Courses

Only God can turn a MESS into a MESSAGE, a TEST into a TESTIMONY, a TRAIL into a TRIUMPH, a VICTIM into a VICTORY.